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Our textiles packaging gets a new look

Westwing Collection textiles are still just as beautiful, but are now packaged more sustainably.

Our Westwing Collection Textiles have a new look – and that includes their packaging! We have been working with our suppliers to switch to 100% recycled and 100% recyclable packaging materials. The goal is for these to also be locally and responsibly sourced, further reducing our environmental footprint.

For example, the ribbons used for our cushion packaging have been replaced by FSC®-certified belly bands. This saves roughly 38,000 meters of ribbon a year.

New Packaging

In addition, in future the bags used to ship our beautiful textiles to customers will be both 100% recycled and 100% recyclable. As many of our textiles travel a long way to our customers, we need to protect them against dust and humidity, and prevent any damage in transit. Our new recycled packaging will deliver our great products safely to their destination, conserving all the resources used to create them. Plus it offers a sustainable alternative to virgin plastics.

Our goal is to continue to use sustainable packaging materials for many years to come. This is why we are now helping our suppliers to become certified plastics recyclers, supporting the expansion of local recycling systems as well.

Despite this, the circular economy will only work if we all do our bit. Please help us in our drive towards sustainability by recycling the packaging once your purchases have arrived.