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Creating a safe and fulfilling workplace

Our unique business proposition and culture of creativity are key to attracting talent, but we also invest in providing an inclusive, fair, safe and dynamic working environment where teams across our value chain can thrive.

For our teams we maintain a strong focus on mental and physical health and well-being, particularly as working practices changed through and beyond the pandemic. We are also committed to promoting individual growth and development while ensuring a fair working environment. For our warehouse teams, we maintain a strategic focus on safety in line with our target of avoiding work-related accidents.

We are equally concerned about safe and fair working conditions throughout our supply base. We have already started to evaluate our Westwing Collection suppliers against key standards on workers’ health, safety, dignity and fair wages and will continue to work towards enhancing the overall consideration of workers’ rights and satisfaction.

Taking climate action

Our climate focus is threefold: avoid and reduce our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across our value chain and invest in credible carbon credits - including GHG emissions avoidance and removal projects - to support beyond value chain mitigation.

Using the methodology provided by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), we have set and validated emissions targets that will help us move forward in line with the Paris Climate Agreement.

To begin tackling our largest source of GHG emissions, our supplier emissions, we also collected data and estimated our Scope 3 emissions, with an emphasis on our own and third-party products.

In line with guidance from the SBTi and the European Commission we have decided to no longer use the term “climate neutrality”; however, the essence of our climate strategy remains the same. Our focus with respect to climate change is on avoiding and reducing GHG emissions. While these efforts are underway, we also invest in a combination of GHG emissions avoidance and removal carbon credits projects to broaden our impact beyond immediate targets. These credits do not contribute to our SBTi commitments.