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Responsible material sourcing

Increasing the share of sustainable materials in our products is a top priority. We are continuously working on evolving our material sourcing criteria and guidelines beyond regulatory compliance to reflect industry best practices, latest scientific findings and innovative technologies. We are certified to Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and a proud member of Better Cotton (BCI), enabling us to procure sustainable cotton. For sustainable wood we partner with FSC® to source sustainable wood from certified manufacturers. These initiatives enabled us to expand our sustainable offering to cover textiles, furniture, decorative and certain lighting products and to launch our first collection made out of sustainable materials – the WE CARE by Westwing Collection.

Going forward we are looking at additional certifications and partnerships that will enable us to further enrich our sustainable materials portfolio and expand our WE CARE by Westwing Collection product offering.

Re-thinking product packaging

Although it’s necessary to protect our products during shipping, our aim is to ensure that our packaging is minimal, recyclable and made of materials with a low environmental footprint. In 2021 we developed our Sustainable Packaging Guidelines, which we implemented in our warehouses and piloted with our supply chain partners. We target to have a significant share of our Westwing Collection suppliers adhering to these guidelines by the end of 2022.

We’ve also switched to using 100% recycled cardboard boxes in our warehouses in Germany, Poland and Italy, and implemented specialist cutting technology in two of our warehouses - a first step in reducing the volume of our shipping material. Going forward we’ll continue to evaluate our whole packaging process and focus on eliminating single-use plastics and foam and introducing recycled plastic shipping bags.